What are the benefits of going natural?

Transitioning to natural hair is one of the most liberating life decisions women today have made. No more abusing yourself on some many levels. When we embrace our hair, we embrace ourselves for who we are. Natural hair is more versatile than chemically processed hair due to the fact that is has not been weakened or diluted by harsh chemicals.

Do I have to cut all my processed hair to go natural? Are there other options?

 No, chemically processed hair is still your hair. You can grow out of a relaxer, while maintaining your length. As you transition there are many styles you can wear. Cornrows, Twists, and Extensions are just to name a few.

Will braids or cornrows cause breakage or damage to my hair?

Braids have long had a reputation of breaking hair. At Gabrielle Zalina, we have mastered the Art of Braiding to grow and maintain healthy hair. This is the original purpose for braids. Our ancestors, cornrowed and braided their hair to protect it from the elements and allowed it to grow to lengths unimaginable.

Will I be able to wear my hair straightened, once I am natural?

Yes, there are several different options to straighten, natural hair. Depending on the curl pattern, different hair products will be used to loosen the curl, naturally. There

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How long will it take for my hair to loc, once I start the process?

Normally, it takes no more than one calender year for hair to fully intertwine. Looser curl patterns, may take longer while tighter, kinkier curl patterns take only a couple of months.

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Are there alternatives to lengthen my locs?

Yes, you can start your locs with Loc Extensions which are made with 100% Human Kinky Hair. Loc Extensions can also be added to established locs to add as much length as you'd like.

Are locs appropriate in Corporate America?

Locs in Corporate America has become more accepted in the recent decade. Locs can be styled and worn professionally, varying from different lengths, styles, and colors. Todays' doctors, lawyers, and executives consist are wearing the own hair locked with style and grace

Do I have to cut my locs off to remove them?

Absolutely not, there is another way. Combing out your locs is now a option. It is a rather lengthy process but it can be done. If you would just like a different look, locs can be cut into styles such as asymmetrical and layered cuts. 

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